Zulay Kitchen Electric Milk Frother


Product Details

Mix and froth your morning drinks with the Zulay Milk Frother. As a hand-held frother, it’s very convenient and easy to work with: simply hold it by the handle, press the button, and you’ll have rich, creamy froth in seconds. Use it for your favorite drinks including lattes, cappuccino, macchiato, and hot chocolate. The Zulay Milk Frother even makes a great whisk for making matcha tea. This efficient frother can be used with any kind of milk and other dairy products such as butter or cream. It boasts a long battery life due to its usage of refillable batteries and also has easy battery replacement. In addition, the Zulay Milk Frother will stay in peak condition for a while due to its titanium construction. 


  • The Zulay Milk Frother comes at a very reasonable price: most milk frothers come at the same or higher price point.
  • It’s perfect for any lifestyle because it can be used for a variety of drinks and can froth any milk or dairy product. 
  • It’s five times faster than other milk frothers out on the market. 


  • Batteries are not shipped with the Zulay Milk Frother, but it accepts two AA batteries and should be easy to power anyways.
  • It doesn’t come with a case or container, so it is generally confined to the kitchen and can’t be taken on journeys unless it’s packed in a separate bag.

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