Easy Beginner Ab Workout Class


It's never too late to get the abs you want and with this 8-minute ab workout class, it's never been easier either. Fitness Trainer Bryan Jean-Pierre guides you through five beginner-friendly exercises designed to activate your core and warm up your muscles. To get started you'll need an agility ring, sliders, a pillow, two 5lb dumbbells, and your go-to foam roller.

Bryan Jean-Pierre is a Fitness Trainer and former NFL Athlete with the Carolina Panthers. A hardcore fitness enthusiast, Bryan has redefined the fitness scene in Atlanta with his cutting-edge fitness training center MiscFiT, the State’s first-ever invite-only fitness studio. A graduate from the College of William & Mary and raised in Atlanta, Bryan started working towards his professional career in NFL football in 2011. He received interest from major teams such as the Raiders, Packers, and Texans, to name a few. Finally, in 2013, he signed with the Carolina Panthers. Through professional football, Bryan realized that he genuinely found joy in fitness. He soon realized his true calling lies in personal training. Bryan has been acknowledged as Atlanta’s #1 Trainer in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. His early success with personal training motivated him to launch his own fitness studio, MiscFiT in 2018.


How-To Use Sliders to Do Mountain Climbers

Fitness Trainer Bryan Jean-Pierre teaches you how to use sliders for mountain climbers.


Before starting the class, you'll want to make sure you're up to speed.


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