Sleep Crown Uses Experts to Market Their Over-the-Head Pillow 

How The Desire Company’s Product Videos Drive Sales and Led to a Post on Kardashian’s Lifestyle Site, Poosh


As a small brand on the rise, Sleep Crown needed a way to market their unique products but on a tight budget, which also meant using the same video content for paid social.

They wanted help communicating how different their pillows are compared to others on the market based on their design, shape, and materials. Additionally, because Sleep Crown pillows have multiple use cases, they hoped expert-video reviews could help answer some of their shoppers’ questions. 


  • We strategically paired Sleep Crown with several of our experts who are serious about sleep! This included a fitness coach and former NFL player (Bryan Jean-Pierre), a holistic health practitioner and childbirth educator (Andrea Abonoza-Filardi), a personal trainer and TV personality (Libby Vincek), a physical therapist (Dr. David Odom), and a yoga and meditation instructor (Alicia “Ace” Easter). 
  • We created high quality, expert review videos to demonstrate how this product can be effective for numerous audience types. We also provided product and health education to further drive their objective to retain customers. 
  • To market their Over-The-Head Pillow, we created a roadmap specifically tailored to Sleep Crown’s goals – which included paid social advertising – to distribute these videos to a targeted audience.
  • We additionally ran targeted paid media which targeted Kourtney Kardashian’s audience and Sleep Crown featured on her lifestyle site, Poosh.

 The Desire Company makes everything so easy.  I absolutely love the videos that they have produced and placed for me. I would be lost without them. 



We were able to increase Sleep Crown’s ROAS by 65%, 104% during the holidays. Sleep Crown also reported a decrease in their Consumer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and they more than doubled their conversion rate (visit to purchase). This resulted in The Desire Company being awarded an annual partnership to help Sleep Crown’s content, education strategy, and to continue to drive sales. See our video live on their product page here.

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