4 Lessons Fyre Festival Taught Us About Influencer Marketing

How the Infamous Festival-that-Never-Happened is a Learning Opportunity for How Brands Work with Influencers As the 5 year anniversary of the now notorious Fyre Fest comes around, the Festival continues to make headlines as it’s referenced in headlines like “Revolve apologizes for Fyre Festival-like Coachella event.” Just weeks ago, Kendall Jenner agreed to a $90k settlement stemming… Continue Reading →

Competing on Trust

Trends for Brands + Retailers Consider When Attempting to Build Stronger Consumer Trust in This Ever-Changing Landscape Trust continues to evolve with each generation, major life shift, and new technology. For brands and retailers, that means following trends and embracing these changes. Finding new ways to build and maintain customers’ trust and loyalty is an… Continue Reading →