How-To Move Side to Side Correctly in Boxing


In this How-To, Personal Trainer Braelon McMullen will show you the proper way to move side to side in boxing. Starting in your boxing stance, use your left leg to push off as you move to the right and use your right leg to push off as you move to the left. This movement is all about balance and you'll want to keep your core engaged throughout. As you move, make sure that your feet stay the same distance apart. To learn more and follow along, watch Braelon's How-To.

Braelon McMullen is a Fitness Trainer based in Atlanta, Georgia. As a fitness expert, star athlete, and entrepreneur, he balances all his passions to be a vessel of constant transformation. Braelon holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Bryan University. Braelon is the CEO and founder of BARBELLS AND BOXING, working with individuals from the ages of three to seventy-one. Braelon believes everyone should have the right to good health and premier fitness training. Braelon McMullen holds two nationally accredited certifications, one with NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine) and another with the NCCPT (National Council for Certified Personal Trainers). 

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