In a world of fake influencers, anonymous reviews, misleading information, honest advice matters more than ever before.

honest advice

expert wisdom

unscripted truth

At The Desire Company, we believe in talking about stuff we actually know about and spent our life’s work getting better at. It’s simple really. Hard-earned, expert advice with no BS. That’s what we do. And we’re not just saying it. We’re living it.

Meet our pros

The experts who train, feed, style and share their wisdom with the elite. Here to share their wisdom with you. The Pros your favorite celebrities count on.

The stylist who makes the a-list celeb look like a million bucks. The trainer who pro athletes turn to for workout tips. The chef who’s served late-night pasta to a President. All here to share wisdom with you.


At The Desire Company, we think it’s time to democratize access to honest reviews and hard-won knowledge from real people who have dedicated their lives to being the best at what they do.

Pros who know what they’re talking about.

So you can trust what they say.

Because experience matters.

Are you looking for the usual product recommendations from paid influencers and bogus “experts”?

We didn't think so.

At The Desire Company we start with products the pros actually use. The stuff they swear by and can’t live without.

You get honest advice. Useful feedback. And qualified opinions from real Pros.

And that’s the point.

You get the unvarnished, unscripted truth. So you know more. And with our expert hands-on classes and how- tos, you can do more, too.


It’s about being informed.
Not influenced.


when you see a product that’s

When you see a product that’s Desired, you’ll know it’s a product that our Pros actually use, count on and believe in.

Trust that products that are Desired have earned it. Through hands-on, tried and tested, expert use resulting in informative reviews.

You can believe in them. Because our experts rely on them.

The Desire Company gives everyone access to expert wisdom typically reserved for those in the know. But we’re not just saying it. We’re living it.

We give you the wisdom that you want, wisdom that you desire. Because what you desire is real, it’s authentic and you can grow from it. And there’s a place for people like you.

The Desire Company

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Meet the team

Desire Co is led by a team of accomplished entrepreneurs, authors, Olympic Torch bearers, award winning athletes, developers, strategists, and film producers.