At-Home Activities for Your Family During the Holidays

There’s no question that COVID is a buzzkill. It’s getting in the way of family get-togethers and making it impossible to participate in holiday traditions and activities. 

But fear not. Our Pros are here for you.  

These hands-on classes taught by experts at the top of their game will help you pass the time and learn a new skill to boot. They're dropping hard-earned knowledge you can actually use such as creating a centerpiece for your Christmas dinner, trying out a new hobby, or getting the family to cook together. Our Pros are here to share their wisdom with you. Check out what they have to say below.

Making a DIY Table Centerpiece and Setting


Los Angeles Artist, Julie Orr shares a DIY tutorial on how to create a beautiful centerpiece with objects you can find in your backyard! Grab the kids and collect as many objects as you can find: leaves, rocks, sticks, etc. Make sure you have craft wire, pots for your plants, some succulents, paint, and tape to craft them all together. 


In this class, Julie will teach you techniques to help design the most impressive and affordable table centerpiece. By using sticks for the centerpiece, rocks to create napkin rings, painting leaves to add around the table and more tricks to make your table the talk of the neighborhood (or rather, the talk of the Zoom). 

Watch the class here.


Try Creating a Portrait Painting 


Let your inner artist come out with a lesson from Atlanta based artist Kathryn Kampovksy. Kathryn walks you through a step-by-step tutorial on creating the perfect portrait painting. From learning different painting techniques to selecting the right type of brushes, this class will leave you painting like a Pro.

Make sure to follow Kathryn’s first step on How To Sketch for a Portrait Painting

Take a painting class here.


How-To Do a Step Touch with Lady Gaga's Dance Captain

All you need is a pair of comfy shoes and a free mind to learn how to do a step touch from Lady Gaga’s dance captain, Asiel Hardison. Asiel has been dancing his whole life and his rhythm lies within his heartbeat. He has danced for artists including Rhianna and ShaniaTwain but hey, no pressure. Even if you have two left feet, don’t be scared to give it a try. Asiel will teach you how to count music, use your hands, and just enjoy the rhythm of the music. 


Learn how-to step touch here.


Easy Brussels Sprout Chips & Dip Recipe

You didn’t think Brussels Sprouts could be a tasty snack, did you? Shame on you. Chef Daniella Malftano walks you through an easy-to-follow, easy-to-make, tasty-to-eat, healthy brussels sprouts chips and dip recipe that the whole family can enjoy. It’s sooo good. Really.   


Follow the recipe here.

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