Making a DIY Table Centerpiece and Setting


Whether you’re preparing to entertain for the holidays or you just want to add a pop of color to a room, a beautiful centerpiece is a perfect addition to any home, and creating one is a lot easier than you think! Julie Orr is an artist who started the company Art Lessons LA in 2016, which offers private art classes, workshops, and events along with lessons in painting, drawing, mixed media, apparel design, and home decor. In this class, she shares her wisdom and her process for creating a centerpiece that’s easy and fun for the whole family! You’ll learn how to work outdoor elements and repurpose planters into unique designs that fit your aesthetic. To get started, check out Julie’s list of essentials needed for this class.

Julie Orr is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. She grew up in the Boston area and then moved to Ohio where she attended Kenyon College and majored in Studio Art before moving to Los Angeles to work in the arts. She has worked as Set Decorator and Art Director on various major Hollywood productions for networks like MTV, Bravo, ABC, BET, and Warner Brothers.

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How-To Use Different Brush Techniques

In this How-to, Artist Julie Orr shares her tips for picking and using different brushes.


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