Vital Proteins Vital Performance Recover Supplement


Product Details

You work hard, so you need to recover strong. Vital Performance™ RECOVER provides a unique combination of collagen and a full-spectrum AA profile designed to help promote athletic longevity and keep you in the game.** *Note: Packaging may vary.

Rehydrate: Replenish electrolytes that have been lost in sweat during exercise.

Recover Better: Contains 5g of BCAA to support muscle protein synthesis, combat muscle soreness from exercise, and promote muscle recovery.

Athletic Longevity: Collagen peptides boost sports performance and support the health of components rich in connective tissue, like muscles, tendons, bones, and joints.

Immune Support: A blend of antioxidants and minerals – including vitamin C, zinc, and L-glutamine – that supports the immune system.

NSF Certified For Sport®: Ensures – through third-party testing – that users are consuming a safe supplement with contents that match its label.

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