Catastrophic Creations The Climb Cat Condo


Product Details

The Climb is a fan favorite! This Condo includes some of our most popular features. The 3-tier Scratching Pole encourages your cat to embrace their active climbing instincts. With the multi-level design and included Escape Hatch, your cats will have plenty of options for exploring and hunting.

Our latest furniture collection has been meticulously engineered to be stronger and more versatile than ever! Instead of using pine for our wooden components, we now use bamboo. Bamboo is a highly sustainable material that is stronger than pine and allows for a sleek, modern design. Another improvement to the design includes a third mounting point that has been added to our Mounting Planks. Using an additional screw provides extra support and holds the furniture rock solid against the wall. Even the most playful kitties can feel safe and secure using our Condos!

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