Coravin Timeless Six+ Wine Preservation System


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Pour your favorite wines without pulling the cork with the Coravin Timeless Six Preservation System. The Six System brings a new level of elegance to our Timeless Wine Preservation Systems, allowing you to preserve still wines for weeks, months, or even years. Choose from a variety of elegant color options in a high-gloss finish, metallic accents, and premium accessories.

What's included:

Timeless Six Wine Preservation System

Featuring an elegant color and high-gloss finish, this luxury System allows you to pour wine without pulling the cork, and save the rest of the bottle for months or even years.

Timeless Aerator

The Coravin Timeless Aerator creates small jets of wine as you pour, rapidly aerating wine to deliver results equivalent to 60-90 minutes of decanting.

Coravin Pure Argon Capsules (21 ml)

Coravin Pure™ Capsules are filled with pure Argon gas, manufactured, and inspected to ensure the highest level of preservation with no impact on the taste of your wine.

Timeless Standard Screw Caps

The Coravin Timeless Screw Cap can be secured onto any screw cap bottle for use with all Coravin Needles. The self-sealing silicone protects wine for up to three months.

Timeless Carry Case

The Coravin Timeless Carry Case features two inner pockets that conveniently fit Coravin Pure™ Capsules or the Coravin Aerator.

Needle Clearing Tool

If your Coravin Needle becomes clogged, use the Needle Clearing Tool to clear out any cork particles.

Bottle Sleeve

Bottles that are cracked or chipped can break. We provide a Coravin Wine Bottle Sleeve for safety if you are more comfortable using one.

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