AYO Foods Sauce Combo - 2 packs


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Pepper Sauce - 1 pack

Called ‘hot pepper’ by most, this flavorful habanero-based sauce is a must-have on every table and plate! While every cook will add their own twist, you can always count on this sauce to bring the heat. It’s especially good with Puff Puff (Kala in our house), Grilled Fish and Meat, and any Stew.

Shito Sauce - 1 pack

Translated to “pepper”, Shito is widely used throughout Ghana. While every home has its own trade secrets, this smoky, savory sauce is always rich in flavor from hot peppers, caramelized onions, tomatoes, herbs, and its seafood base. We love it with Grilled Fish and Meat, Rice & Beans, Plantains, Breakfast Sandwiches, Pizza, and Cheeseboards.

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