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The freshest dry dog food ever. Made with real ingredients, and delivered to you. No more measuring. No more guesswork. Just scoop and serve the perfect amount for your dog's unique needs. Start by taking Spot & Tango's quiz to find the perfect plan for you and your pup. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to feed your dog fresh food. On average, UnKibble is 40% less than fresh-frozen options.

Use those savings to buy your dog (or yourself!) something nice. Pricing varies but starts around $1.45/meal.

  • 100% Whole Foods: Real Ingredients in radically simple recipes.
  • Personalized Plans: Meals Customized for your dog's weight, breed, and activity level.
  • No Retail Markup: Sold directly to you to keep quality high and price low.
  • Vet Developed: Exceeds industry standards.

Uncompromising Quality

"We use only 100% whole food. We’re so proud of our ingredients, we print them on the front of every bag."

Unbelievable Taste

"We turn fresh food into crunchy pieces dogs dance for. Even the pickiest eaters will love the taste of UnKibble -- we guarantee it."

Unmatched Customization

"We build the perfect vet-developed plan for your dog’s unique needs. A custom scoop for your pup removes any portioning guesswork."

Unbeatable Value

"We sell directly to you. No retail mark-up means a better price for you."

Vet-developed Innovation

Spot & Tango's team of vets created a whole new approach to dry pet food. They combine fresh meats and veggies with their one-of-a-kind Fresh Dry process. The result is the next generation of dry dog food, made with only fresh, whole ingredients and no preservatives. It’s as easy as kibble, but way, way better.

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