Omni Ultimate+ 120v


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Capacity and versatility from Omnicharge’s ultimate power bank. It’s a portable charger with a full-sized 120W AC wall outlet for anything you could need to charge, as well as 3 of the most commonly-used port types for smartphones, laptops, tablets, DSLR cameras, and drones. With fast and flexible recharging this large-capacity power bank can recharge in under 4 hours. Pass-through capabilities let you recharge the power bank (input) at the same time it charges your devices (output). The Omni Ultimate portable power pack gives you reliable power no matter where you are that can be completely customized to your needs.

120W AC Port: This is a full-size built-in wall outlet. Plug in and charge nearly any modern electronic device, even tricky ones like DSLR camera batteries or drones. This large-capacity power bank is an outlet you can take with you wherever you need to go.

100W USB-C Port: The PD-enabled USB-C port provides 100W output and 90W input, twice the wattage of similar power banks! The Omni Ultimate power bank feeds the most power-hungry laptops like Apple MacBook, Lenovo, Microsoft Surface, Dell, and Chromebooks.

100W DC Port: The 100W high-powered adjustable DC Port sets a new industry standard for DC output. Providing you with an adjustable voltage and amperage, this large-capacity power bank ensures a tailored charging experience.

2x 22.5W USB-A Ports: Our QC 3.0 compatible USB-A ports provide top-of-the-line fast charging for phones, tablets, and more. Capable of outputting up to 22.5W, you can fast-charge multiple USB-A devices. Auto-shutoff can also be toggled, allowing you to recharge small devices like Bluetooth headphones without auto-shutoff due to low power draw.

Omni Ultimate+ 120v Recommended by Drone Operator Eric Fallecker

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