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Spiceology 6 Pack Rub Gift Set includes 6 mini jars of our most popular blends in a gift box that's great for birthdays, fathers day, or anniversaries for the griller on your list.

BLACK & BLEU - an addictive blend of warm Cajun spices and real dehydrated bleu cheese. This blend goes on ALL THINGS including making delicious burgers, popcorn, and mac & cheese. CHILE MARGARITA - warm chiles are mixed with citrus and a touch of sugar to give this unique chile lime seasoning a punch of amazing flavor. COWBOY CRUST - red meat's new best friend. This blend has high octane espresso powder, chiles, mustard, and a touch of brown sugar. Use on all red meat and game.

GREEK FREAK - Arguably our most popular blend because you can literally use this herb, garlic, and onion blend on EVERYTHING. You need this one in your kitchen or at the grill. SMOKY HONEY HABANERO - the blend that started Spiceology! The simplistic blend is anything but simple. The honey granules crystalize when you cook with this blend making for a delicious crust on anything you put it on. RASPBERRY CHIPOTLE - real dehydrated raspberry powder with chipotle chile and a touch of brown sugar.

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