Yes4All Barbell Drop Pads


Product Details

Yes4All Barbell Drop Pad features thick, high-density foam to absorb and diffuse the noise and vibration associated with heavy barbell drops, which helps protect the floor from damage. Each Barbell Drop Pad comes with a carry handle for convenient on-the-go-fitness for personal trainers & athletes. The Drop Pad is great for both outdoor and indoor workouts.

Durable and high-quality support foam will not tear, flatten or lose shape. PVC cover is built to withstand the damage from heavy drops and is strong enough to hold its color and form for long-term use.

The “Power Zipper” with its molded teeth is large enough to function as a ventilation system, which allows the Weightlifting Pad to breathe with every drop. This breathing effect will ensure your Pound Pad last for a long time.

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