Le Creuset Heritage Stoneware Rectangular Dish


Product Details

Revered by both professional chefs and home cooks since its 1925 debut, Le Creuset's classic French cookware is prized for its utilitarian good looks and unsurpassed heat retention. As beautiful as it is functional, this line of stoneware bakeware features superior performance in the oven or microwave and is ideal for baked goods and roasted dishes. Crafted of dense, enamel-glazed stoneware, this rectangular dish blocks moisture absorption to prevent cracking and crazing and has a brightly colored exterior that resists scratches and stains. The nearly non-stick interior resists sticking, effortlessly releases foods, and cleans up easily. The cerise red baking dish is a versatile, oven-to-table option for marinating, roasting, and serving, with an ideal size for roasts and casseroles.

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