Ernie Ball Slinky Nickel Wound Electric Bass 4 Strings


Product Details

As an integral part of any stringed instrument, a reliable set of strings allows a musician to produce music with good tone and the peace of mind that their strings won’t fail them. The Ernie Ball Super Slinky Electric Bass Strings is an electric bass guitarist’s quintessential string pack. Each string is carefully manufactured in Southern California to produce the perfect tone that is balanced and bright. They last extremely well, preserving their tonal integrity through constant usage, and are friendly to musicians of all experience levels, ranging from novices to experts. No matter what your playing style is, Ernie Ball Super Slinky Electric Bass Strings help you create great sound. These strings are available in seven-different gauges for 4-string bass and three different gauges for a 5-string bass. 

Why Nickel-Wound?

Unlike pure nickel guitar strings, nickel-wound strings create a brighter and newer sound that is more in the mid-range. When strings are nickel-wound it means that the wrap wire is mostly steel with only a small percentage of nickel. This is how the classic, balanced sound produced by Ernie Ball Super Slinky Electric Bass Strings is made. Each string is precision wound in the Coachella Valley of Southern California and then securely packaged to make sure each string stays as fresh as the day it was made.