Guru Nanda 6 Essential Oil Blends Set


Product Details

Our Essential Oil Blends Set includes 6 specially formulated blends with a purpose. This convenient 6-pack includes our top-selling oil blends and is a great addition to any essential oil collection. The blends are packaged in 10 ml bottles with oil droppers to maximize their shelf-life. Our verified therapeutic-grade diffuser oils are 100% pure. We work directly with farmers to ensure unadulterated, high-quality products. Uplift your mood, and bring a calming sense to your space with our 6 blend set.

These unique essential oil blends can be used for aromatherapy, diffusing, massage, beauty & skin care. Ingredients handpicked for these blends are traditionally known for benefits like relaxation and giving a therapeutic boost to your immune support.

This assorted starter kit of essential oils is perfect for Housewarming or Mothers Day gifts. All 6 essential oils come packed in a reusable and portable magnetic storage box. These fragrances can be used with a diffuser or humidifier for soothing aroma in the bedroom, office, and classroom. Our essential oils are rigorously tested for the highest quality so that you receive the purest benefits of an oil. The extracts are GCMS certified, eco-friendly, and ethically sourced for most safe and premium products.

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