Tone-y-Bands Weights


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GET RESULTS FASTER: Tone-y-Bands wrist weights move with you, stay put, stay clean and fit comfortably. Wear these 1 lb weights for women with your every workout! Burn more fat and build muscle with these strength training wrist weights. These wearable and durable workout weights for your wrists will be the ideal partner for all your cardio, swimming, aerobic activities as well as everyday use. Our pair of wrist weights for men and women can be the fast-track to getting better results from your fitness routine. ADJUSTABLE wrist weights means YOUR SIZE is the PERFECT SIZE to enjoy them. The buckle clasp complements each one pound weights workout bracelet so weights stay put during your fastest movements. Our arm weights for women flabby arms are a top choice for fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts around the world from fast paced dance, boxing, HIIT, running to barre, yoga, pilates, and walking. These make great hand weights for walking or 1 lb ankle weights that fit most ankles and any exercise weights for women. They are small weights for women that allow you to be handsfree and it has adjustable weight. PERFECT GIFT: Tone-y-Bands make perfect personal trainer gifts, fitness gifts for women, exercise gifts for men, gifts for Zumba instructors, yoga instructors, gifts for parkinsons, and more! Choose your favorite colored weighted wrist band in pink, blue, black, gray and other colored 1 pound weights coming soon! We even have pink weights which is a great color to match your summer outfits and walking accessories for women.

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