How-To Properly Cut Your Flower Stems


In this DIY How-to, Florist Audra Lambie teaches you the proper way to cut flower stems. Take scissors or pruning shears and cut the stem at a 45-degree angle to help widen it. This allows water and nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently. Watch the How-to above to see exactly how Audra does it.

Audra Lambie is a florist based in Los Angeles, California. In 2020 and after 15 years of retail, from in-store merchandising to planning to operations, Audra moved into her passion for design. Like many during the pandemic, Audra found herself evaluating her passion and what truly brings her joy. She worked really hard over the years to be successfully employed; however, she was missing the happiness design brought her. That’s when Atwater Collective was born. Audra Lambie sees florals as an art and an opportunity to do something creative. Check out Audra Lambie's profile to learn more about the Florist.

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