How-To Make Simple Syrup for Cocktails


Mixologist Garn McCown teaches you how to make a brown sugar syrup with citrus for cocktails. Simple syrup is made by dissolving sugar in water and can be customized by adding another ingredient like a zest. They're great for cocktails because the syrup blends evenly throughout the drink infusing it with the exact taste you want. Watch Garn's How-To for the full process and to learn more tips.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Garn McCown worked his way through high school and college at Georgia Tech in restaurants and bars as early as 14-years-old. He began his spirits career in small restaurants, dive bars, and clubs, where he continually strived to learn and grow. This fueled his passion for craft cocktails, quality spirits, and ingredients, and cutting edge techniques. Garn truly began his craft cocktail endeavors at Bluepointe in the Buckhead Financial District of Atlanta, continuing to grow and learn at both high-volume and craft programs with Kimpton Hotels, Seed Kitchen and Bar, Marriott Hotels, The Pool Hall, The Aviary, and Gypsy Kitchen & The Southern Gentleman.

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