In this How-To, you'll learn from Makeup Artist Nancie Rooney the proper way to apply foundation using your fingers, a sponge, or a brush. If you prefer to use your fingers to apply foundation, make sure you warm up the product first by mixing it around with your finger. When using a sponge, dampen it for better foundation application. Face brushes are great because the density of the bristles allow you to really work foundation into the skin. Learn about the different kinds of foundation brushes you can use and other tips and tricks by watching Nancie's How-To.

Nancie's career exceeds 20 years in Film, Television, Print, Fashion, and Commercials. Her passion for the craft comes alive in a creative and collaborative environment, where we come together to Learn, Teach, Share and Grow. Making her home in Los Angeles since 1995, Nancie jumped into the world of Makeup with actor head-shots and theater productions. Working as a National/International Makeup Artist Trainer with Stila Cosmetics, she traveled across the U.S. and to England, Ireland, Scotland, stopping off a few times in New York for Fashion Week. Currently, Nancie's focus is Film/Television, usually as Department Head Makeup Artist. While having a Barbering license since 2011, she expanded into Men's Grooming --including Cutting, Styling and Face Care.

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