How-To Choose the Right Paint Brush


In this How-To, Artist Kathryn Kampovsky shares her advice for choosing the right paint brush for a portrait painting. There are so many types of paint brushes that it's hard to know where to start but Kathryn recommends finding something that will help you get your style across better. Her go-to paintbrush is a flat brush with a square top because it allows her to create the squared strokes that make her paintings unique. The shape also makes it easy to create smaller strokes that other brushes might not be able to achieve. Check out Kathryn's How-To for more expert advice.

Kathryn Kampovsky is an Atlanta-based portrait artist and model who is just beginning to leave her mark in the art world. She mixes her love of psychology with portrait painting to create striking images. Kathryn was most recently featured in DK Contemporary Gallery's "Twenty-Something" Exhibition in Georgia.

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