How-To Break Down a Lobster


Chef Halee Raff teaches you how to break down a lobster into a butterfly cut. You don't need to be a master chef to get this right. Cutting a lobster is easier than you think but you need the right tools at hand to make it work. In this How-To, Chef Halee is using one of her Global Classic Knives to get a clean cut. Begin by placing the lobster on a cutting board with the head facing your dominant hand. Since it's a butterfly cut, you don't want the knife to go all the way through. Chef Halee will show you how to place the knife at one point on the lobster and press down to break through the shell. Follow along and learn more by watching Chef Halee Raff's How-To.

Chef Halee Raff graduated from Johnson and Wales in 2014 with a Bachelor of Business in Food Service Management. After receiving her degree, Halee returned home to Chicago in high demand; lending her talents to well-known Chicago hot spots like Tru, Sixteen, and Naha/Brindille (all Michelin stars). She soon worked her way up to Chef de Partie and thereafter won the coveted position of Sous Chef at Band of Bohemia and then Momotaro (Boka Group). Her last position was as an Executive in the 4c Group before starting her own company amid the pandemic, Hardbittenn. At Hardbittenn, Halee offers customizable in-home dining experiences, cooking & baking classes, and offerings such as custom cakes and full lines of baked goods and pop tarts!

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