Strength Coach and Olympic Weightlifter Jessica Taylor teaches you how to do a shoulder press with a bar. This exercise is great for building muscle in your shoulders and upper back while working your whole body. Jessica will show you the proper way to hold the bar as you move throughout the exercise. To get started, she recommends using a bar that you're comfortable with. Her go-to for practice is a simple PVC Pipe from Ace Hardware. Learn more and follow along by watching Jessica's How-To.

Jessica Taylor is an Olympic weightlifter and Group Functional Fitness Coach. Her certifications include Precision Nutrition Level 1, GGS Pre- Postnatal Coaching Specialist, Eleiko Certified Strength Coach, and CF-L2 Trainer. She utilizes her 10 years of teaching experience to effectively coach individuals in overall lifestyle design. Through extensive research skills from her MS in social sciences, Jessica stays up to date on the latest research around health, fitness, nutrition, mindset, and beyond. She has over 6 years experience training and competing in Olympic lifting, working with some of the top coaches and athletes in the US and abroad. Her current work as a group functional fitness coach has allowed her to gain experience working with people of all ages and abilities, including those with significant movement limitations.

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