How-To Figure Out Your Skin Type


Learn how to figure out your skin type and take care of it properly with Esthetician Monika Tarnowski. You'll learn the right products to use for your skin so that you can build your own routine with confidence. Monika also shares her go-to ingredients that can be used on most skin types such as aloe vera and rose water. It's also important to note that skin types can change as you get older or you might have combination skin but Monika shares her recommendations for those as well. Learn more by watching Monika's How-To or check out the quick tips below.

Esthetician Monika Tarnowski's Recommendations for Different Skin Types:

Normal Skin: The world is your oyster! Unless you have allergies, most products will work for this skin type. Monika recommends choosing products based on areas you personally want to target such as anti-aging treatments. Hydration is still important, so don't forget to moisturize!

Oily Skin: Using oil-based products on oily skin might sound insane but it's actually a great way to give your skin the hydration it needs without clogging your pores. Monika recommends using water-based or oil-based products for this skin type. Water-based moisturizers and ingredients like aloe vera will absorb into your skin easily without adding any shine.

Dry Skin: If your skin gets dry, flaky, and tight most of the time, you probably have dry skin. Using hydrating ingredients like aloe vera definitely helps but Monika also recommends using heavier moisturizers such as shea butter to lock in moisture that lasts.

Sensitive Skin: For this skin type, Monika recommends using products with little to no fragrance. Natural rose water is a great way to hydrate those with sensitive skin that doesn't react to fragrance.

Monika Tarnowski is a model and licensed Esthetician based in California. She is devoted to helping clients resolve skin issues and develop healthy skin regimens.

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