Frequently Asked Questions

For Shoppers

+ What is The Desire Company?
The Desire Company gives everyone access to expert wisdom and advice through hands-on classes, expert how-tos, and honest product reviews from top Pros.
+ Who are the Pros?
Our Pros are experts in fitness, wellness, tech, travel, style, the arts, in the kitchen, and behind the bar. All at the top of their game. From Lady Gaga’s dance captain to NFL athletes, to Pink’s make-up artist to Charlize Theron’s stylist; Desire Co. Pros are the real deal.

They have hard-earned knowledge about the products they review and the skills they share and The Desire Company is where they share it all with you.
+ How does it work?
It’s simple. Instead of diving down internet holes, just click on a Pro Class, How-to, or Product Review to learn how to do things better and discover the products the Pros genuinely use and love.

Then watch the videos, read the articles, get the guidance and start to do life better.
+ Are Pros compensated for product reviews?
No. Our goal is to give you honest, unfiltered advice and insight about the products our Pros actually sweat in, create with, cook with, and desire themselves. This is why, to create their product reviews, our Pros open their personal gym bag, toiletry bag, travel bag, etc., and share what’s inside.

Pros may earn a commission on some items when you buy a product from their list of favorites. But they have no idea which products pay commissions and so you can be assured it does not influence their recommendations.
+ What is a "Pro Trial" review?
Our Pros are experts in their field, so sometimes a brand will ask a Pro to review their products. When they do, we’ll share the product with the Pro so they can use it and test it. If they believe in the product -really believe in it - like really - they’ll share an authentic review of their experience and may receive payment. If they do, we’ll highlight that in the content so it’s super clear. If they don’t believe in it, they won't review it.

For Pros

+ How does The Desire Company select Pros?
Do you have stories to tell? Experiences to share? Hard-won knowledge and advice to offer? And the necessary certifications, qualifications or years of experience required to call yourself a Pro?

Great. Let’s talk.

We’re ready to help you elevate your credibility as a trusted resource, monetize your expertise and demonstrate your marketability to brands seeking partnerships with people who genuinely use and recommend their products.

As a Desire Co. Pro, you’ll be part of a community of real Pros, helping people to be informed over influenced.
+ How does it work?
The Desire Company gives you a unique platform to talk about the stuff you actually know about and spent your life’s work getting better at. You’ll share your hard-earned, expert advice through hands-on classes, how-tos, and reviews of the products you use and love, all in high-quality video content. Each piece of content comes with a shoppable product list that’s featured on The Desire Company site and shareable through your social channels.

And there’s more.

When you believe in the products you review, more brands will believe in you. The Desire Company platform helps you build your credibility and appeal with brands who want to partner with authentic and influential fans of their products.
+ How do I become a Desire Co. Pro?
Recognized professionals at the top of their game with proven knowledge and expertise in Sports and Fitness, Beauty and Grooming, Health and Wellness, the Arts, Tech, and Travel are invited to apply to join The Desire Co. Pro community. Click here to inquire.
+ What is the cost to join?
Joining The Desire Co. Pro community is free.

For Brands & Retailers

+ How does The Desire Company work with brands?
The Desire Company helps brands discover and build partnerships with influential experts who are authentic fans of your brand.

Desire Co. Pros are vetted by their own success. They earned it "the old-fashioned" way through hustle and grind. They have credibility with their fans. They inspire loyalty from their followers who respect their journey and trust that they would only share advice and recommendations they truly believe.

This is expert marketing. It doesn’t rely on someone being "cool" for a hot minute. A Pro never stops living a professional life. It’s in their DNA.

At The Desire Company, we work with Pros who are genuine users of your products. We develop content that shows why they love your product and how to use it for the best possible customer experience.

Each piece of content comes with a shoppable product list that can be shared across digital, marketing, e-commerce, and social channels and in-store at the point of purchase.

If you’re a brand or retailer interested in partnering with Desire Co. Pros, please contact us at
Any other questions? Contact us at