Creating the Perfect Beachy Waves


If you've ever tried to curl your hair, you know how difficult and intimidating it can be especially if you're not entirely sure what you're doing. Enter: Master Stylist Danielle Keller. Through her experience working with clients and on herself, Danielle has figured out the best way to get perfect curls that only requires a few simple steps and tools.

Danielle Keller is a Master Stylist and Colorist with over ten years of experience not only as a stylist but as a cutting educator and manager at two of Chicago’s best salons downtown. Danielle loves taking time on her weekends to work with brides and she enjoys being a part of their big day. She currently works at Beauty Beach Lounge Salon in Playa Vista, California where she lives with her boyfriend and Teacup Aussie, Rocky. “I love making people feel beautiful and confident. It’s as simple as that! I love to connect with people and build caring relationships.” 


How-To Use a Hot Tool

Learn how to get perfect curls with the Hot Tools Ceramic Tapered Curling Iron by following these tips from Hair Stylist Danielle Keller.


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