Building a Custom Table


If learning something new this year is on your list of resolutions, this is the class for you. Artist Xavier Perry is known for his vibrant custom tables that add life and color to any room and now it's time to do it yourself! From creating the image you want to the moment it all comes together at the end, Xavier guides you through easy-to-follow steps that show you his techniques and tips for creating the perfect table for your space. Check out what you'll need for this class below to get started. Watch Xavier's class on designing your own table here.

Xavier Perry is an artist originally from Atlanta, Georgia. He started his education at Mira Costa University in San Diego, California studying 3D animation. Later, he transferred to Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) where he studied illustration with a focus on graphic design and obtained his BFA. Xavier has worked as an intern with ABV Agency and Gallery Working in the Art/Mural Preservation Department, Videography/Editing, and Gallery Assistant. He’s currently a freelance artist who enjoys creating playful illustrations, graphic design, and occasional videography/editing.  

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How-To Use Spray Paint for Woodworking Projects

Before you touch that can, check out this quick How-to that teaches you the best techniques for working with spray paint!


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