Learn how to asses your body at any given moment with this Yoga Full Body Scan class by Yoga Teacher and Movement Therapy Guide, Shahada Karim. Our bodies are stimulated constantly throughout the day in both the physical and digital world. All of this can add up and cause tension in our bodies that later manifests into body pains and aches. In this, Full Body Scan Yoga class you'll learn how to use breathing techniques to help your body and mind relax. They're a great way to assess how you feel throughout the day to help you move with more purpose and meaning. For this class, all you need is a yoga mat and your body. In just three minutes, Shahada will teach you poses and breathing techniques that can help you stay focused and relaxed whenever you need it. For more tips, check out Shahada's How-To's for this class.

Shahada Karim is a Yoga Teacher and Movement Therapy Guide. Shahada’s self-imposed mission is to help every human she meets, fall in love with themselves. Over the past decade, she’s earned multiple certifications in Yoga, Ayurveda, Nutrition, and Fitness to help facilitate that mission. Previously she dedicated more than two decades to a career in Journalism and Communications. Today she brings that expertise to teaching and participating in health and wellness on both physical and digital fronts. She designed the NOURISH plans around the Ayurvedic principle, with the help of a Nutritionist and Nurse Practitioner, to make it accessible to anyone interested in taking the journey no matter what their current physical and energetic state.


How-To Do a Quick Body Scan When You're Stressed

Movement Therapy Guide Shahada Karim leads you through a quick body scan to help you identify where you're feeling stress the most and how to melt it away.


Before starting the class, you'll want to make sure you're up to speed.


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