Dog Training Basics for Beginners


Getting a dog isn't just about potty training and playtime. If you've added a four-legged friend to your pack recently, there are a few things you'll want to know to make their transition into their new home a breeze. In this class, Dog Trainer Rachel Sample teaches you the right steps you need to take when introducing a pet into your home. You'll learn tips that will help you with crate training and setting up a daily routine that works for both you and your dog. For this class, you'll need a leash, a crate, a chew bone, and food. To teach your dog some new tricks, check out Rachel's How-To videos.

Rachel Sample is a Dog Trainer who spent the majority of her childhood training and showing dogs starting at the age of 6. She competed with her Border Collie, Colt, starting in 4H and onto other venues like AKC, UKI, Skyhoundz, and CPE. Rachel has competed all over the United States taking home placements in AKC agility junior nationals, CPE nationals, and is a 3 time IL obedience champion. Rachel has been professionally training dogs in Chicago for five years and has a wide range of experience from teaching basic obedience, behavioral modification, dog sports, puppy manners, and more!

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How-To Teach Your Dog Loose Leash Walking

Make every walk a better experience for both you and your dog with these tips on loose leash walking by Dog Trainer Rachel Sample.


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