Flex Disc Fit Review

Learn how Yoga Instructor Shahada Karim uses the Flex Disc Fit to improve her mobility, stability, balance, and core strength. This fitness tool is super easy to use so anyone can benefit by using it in their daily workouts. Use these discs to build up your strength or to stretch. These discs are also great for soreness and tightness. 

The Flex Disc Fit is different from regular fitness sliders because they are on wheels, giving you the ability to use them on any surface. Shahada recommends using the disc on a rug or carpet as you are learning and then moving to a harder surface once you are more comfortable. Unlike most sliders, these Flex Discs will not damage any surface due to the smooth, slightly rounded wheels. The Flex Disc also comes with a foam disc option that can stick to the floor or the disc, and you can even use them for extra cushion under your knees. This product is good for all levels to help you in your fitness journey. 

Find out more by watching Shahada's Flex Disc Fit review above.

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