A Guide for Closet Organization

New season = new you, and we're here to help you to be your best Marie Kondo. Spring cleaning, good organization, and new routines can make you feel on top of the world... Let's get started! Or as the great Shania Twain once said: Let's go girls.

Take Your Closet Organization Game to the Next Level

Closets are known to be one of the messiest places in our home. But it's okay. Grab a martini, take a deep breath and start the spring cleaning process. Organizing your closest is important for many reasons. Not only does it save you time in the morning, but it also lets you see the things you already have so you don’t end up buying more. Our pros want to help you look and feel your best for the new season. And with some top tips from our experts, you can opt out on the millions of new organization shows on Netflix.

Step 1. Grab Your Trusty Tool Belt

Abbey Glass, a luxury womenswear clothing designer who definitely understands the importance of a clean and organized closet, recommends that before you begin the clothes hanging process, you have enough hangers, storage bins, and a section of your closet to store dirty clothes. If you lack space to get organized, take some time to donate clothes you no longer want/need. 

Step 2. Protect your Out-of-Season Clothing

Because the temp is heating up, Abbey recommends protecting the heavy clothing you won't be wearing for the next few months. Clothing with natural fibers that will be untouched for long periods of time need to be placed in vacuum-sealed pouches to maintain longevity and good conditions. Abbey also advises keeping cedar in your closet to protect heavy clothing from moths or mites. Those pesky jerks can easily ruin any piece!

Step 3. Organize by Color & Type 

Have you seen people's closets who color coordinate everything? #Goals. Seeing a color-coded closet is one of those super satisfying things in life that help get every day off to a good start. Wardrobe stylist, Katie Collins, recommends organizing your clothing by color and then by type. Begin by hanging tanks or shirts that are light in weight, following heavier items like sweaters, denim, and jackets. This will make it easier for you to put together a killer outfit. 

Take it from the experts in the clothing industry, closet organization is a must. Sometimes, a new season is all you need to take steps towards a more organized lifestyle. We hope you're as excited as Danny Tanner would be about this year's spring cleaning time. Yes, we did it - a Full House reference (or Fuller House that is, for Gen Z).

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