How to Hydrate Your Skin This Winter

Ahh, the joys of winter. A warm blanket. A roaring fire. And skin that feels like sandpaper.

Sure, there’s a million products out there that promise to hydrate your winter skin, but they rarely work. Until now. Our pros tested their favorite products and have a few solid recommendations.

They’ll tell you which products are worth spending your money on to conquer the common problem of dry skin. Let the hydration begin.


First Things First - Sunscreen.

Go SPF AF with suncreen recos from professional makeup artist, Erica Bogart. Erica’s top choice? Supergoop Glowscreen, Erica describes Supergoop, as the "sunscreen dream." (Yep, her exact words.) Whether you’re wearing makeup or going for the natural look, Supergoop Glowscreen provides that luminous shine you’re looking for. And with an SPF of 40, you know your skin will be protected.


Moisturize. Moisturize. (Did We Mention Moisturize?)

Dry skin can lead to aging, skin irritation, and breakouts. Boo. This winter, moisturize like you mean it with Fre Skincare Protect Me Daily Moisturizer. Take it from Ace, a certified Yogi. Ace recommends Fre Moisturizer for its water and sweat resistance (Yogis sweat a lot. It’s a Yogi thing). Ace also loves that Fre is hypo-allergenic, dermatology tested, and clinically proven with organic ingredients, including argan oil and waterleaf extract. Oh, and did we mention it prevents dark spots? Yay for Fre!


Essential Oils for Hydration? Yes, please.

Go full-on holistic with Arbonne's Pure Essential Oils, reviewed and reco’d by well-known actress and yogi enthusiast Vivian Lamolli. These 100% pure essential oils are all-natural products, sustainably sourced from the seed, peel, stem, root, and flower. This essential oil is pretty fantastic, and just a few droplets can hydrate your skin all day. (Also, it smells amazing.)


Now, Pay Attention to Those Lips

Is there anything worse than cracked lips? Yes, there is. The year 2020. But cracked lips rank right up there on the suck scale. So, let's talk about the Alba Botanica Broad Spectrum Lip Balm SPF 25. This 100% vegetarian and hypo-allergenic lip balm is a must-have. Seriously. There’s no artificial colors, parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. And model Monika Tarnowski uses this organic lip balm daily. (Have you seen her lips? You want those lips.) Monika has a ton of experience using beauty products in her modeling career. If she recos this product, you can be sure it’s worth having.


Are You Getting Enough Vitamin C?

The short answer? No. In fact, most of us don’t get enough vitamin C during the winter months. Now for the good news: we asked Andrea Abenoza-Filardi, a Holistic Health Practitioner, what she recommends to maintain sufficient amounts of vitamin C. Andrea explains how a daily tablet of Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C can help your body absorb this powerful and essential antioxidant necessary for a healthy immune system. This simple product also helps with your body's collagen production process, so you can achieve younger-looking skin.


It’s never too late to start protecting and hydrating your skin. Start by adding these products into your winter skincare routine to begin your journey to hydration this winter.

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