Gentle Exfoliator for Sensitive Skin

The Pro: The Pro: The Pro: Ashley Seldon is a professional dancer who has performed with artists including Flo Rida, Kelly Rowland, and Usher. Ashley’s biggest accomplishment thus far was her current position as a dancer for Beyonce, where she was on her World Tour. 

Say goodbye to pesky pores and rough skin with a dermatologist-developed liquid exfoliation lotion that can be used every day without stripping away at the skin. The Clinique Clarifying Twice a Day Exfoliation Lotion is part of a 3-step skincare system that’s simple and only takes a few minutes. As someone who has dermatitis pro dancer Ashley Seldon “has been trying to find products that cater to that whether it be for my skin or my hair. This, I find that if I don’t use it I still will have those dry flakes.” Watch her full review above to see how this exfoliation solves her skin troubles daily!

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