3 Skincare Basics Everyone Should Have

Getting the perfect skincare routine can be difficult. Through trial and error, DesireList pros have cultivated lists of skincare essentials that have worked for them at home and on the road. A good serum, sunscreen, and toner are three basics these lists have in common and will work for any skin type. Here’s why. 

The Toner

A good toner helps balance the pH levels of skin after cleansing, making it a super important step. Celebrity stylist and TV Host Marcellas Reynolds uses the Rodan + Fields Reserve Brightening Toner because it helps even out discoloration for a brighter complexion. Toners can be lightweight or creamy with different benefits so there’s something out there for everyone. 

The Serum 

Serums are more concentrated than toners and usually have more intensive ingredients. The most common type of serum is a Vitamin C serum because it helps with anti-aging, blemishes, and scarring among other things. Medical Esthetician Pascale Wellin loves the vitamin C serum by Coui skincare. 

The Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is one of the most important steps of a skincare routine. Not only does it provide sun protection, but if you use products like the vitamin C serum, it’ll help prevent irritation and redness from occurring. Model Kashmir takes the Coola Full Spectrum Silk Drops with her while she’s out on auditions. It’s easy to apply, travel-friendly and is SPF 30. 

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