Meet the Pro: Coffee Expert and Founder of Demitasse Bobak Roshan

Bobak "Bobby" Roshan is a man with a deep and abiding passion for coffee. His love for the beverage has driven him to make some major life decisions - decisions that many of us would hesitate to make. Bobby's devotion to coffee is such that he has quit his job, sold his condo, and moved back in with his parents - all to pursue his dream of opening his own coffee shop and roastery. His dream became a reality with the opening of his first cafe, Demitasse, in 2011. Today, Cafe Demitasse has several locations in Los Angeles and has become a beloved destination for coffee lovers. With his unbridled passion and unwavering dedication to his craft, Bobby has created a unique and welcoming space for coffee enthusiasts to enjoy. You can learn more about Bobby, Cafe Demitasse, and his coffee shop and roastery by visiting his website or following him on social media.

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