A 4-Step Daily Wellness Routine

One thing that many DesireList pros have in common is that they have a well-established morning routine. For some, it’s necessary for their jobs but many have come to love the early morning grind even on off-days. We’ve rounded up the top 4 ways that pros make the best out of their mornings so that you too can start your day off right (even if you’re not a morning person).

The Protein Powder

Protein powder is a favorite among DesireList pros and holistic health practitioner Andrea Abenoza-Filardi swears by the Neocell super collagen powder as a way to improve skin health, obtain hair regrowth, and strengthen bones. All you need is one scoop mixed in with your favorite drink and you’re good to go. Watch Andrea Abenoza-Filardi's full review on the Neocell Super Collagen Powder here.

The Essential Tool

Former Chicago Bears player and financial advisor Desmond Clark makes morning shakes with the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender. He finds that it’s the only tool that produces smooth, creamy shakes quickly and easily. Add a scoop of collagen powder to blend two steps into one for a quicker routine. Watch Desmond Clark's review on the Ninja Blender here.

The Pick-Me-Up

A vitamin D supplement is a great way to give yourself a boost in the morning that lasts all day and has long-term results. NFL player Nate Hall takes Dr. Cannell’s Advanced D Sport every day before practice because of its positive effects on bone and muscle support. Watch Nate Hall's review on Dr. Cannell's Advanced D supplement here.

The Mood-Setter

Actress Briana Venskus is often traveling between sets and sometimes her body has a hard time getting used to the different locations. To feel more balanced, she uses an essential oil by Five Guards Synergy. This particular combination of cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, and rosemary helps protect her immune system. Other combinations of essential oils such as lavender can help set a calming mood for the rest of the day as the final step of your morning routine. Watch Briana Venskus' review on the Five Guards Synergy Essential Oils here.

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