The Travel-Friendly Speakers Pro Dancers Love

Being on the road for work isn’t easy no matter what job it is. For professional dancers, Reina Hidalgo, Asiel Hardison, and China Taylor taking their favorite tunes on the road is a must and they have to have just the right speaker for it. 

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM Wireless Speaker

Professional dancer Reina Hidalgo loves to bring the Ultimate Ears Wireless Speaker with her whenever she travels because of it’s easy connection to blue tooth and heavy bass. “I can take it with me to the bathroom when I’m showering, or leave it in my room and I can walk anywhere and still hear the music,” she says and with a waterproof feature, she has nothing to worry about. 

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Wireless Speaker 

Just like Reina Hidalgo, professional dancer Asiel Hardison uses the UE MEGABOOM 3 speaker. The difference is in the features; the MEGABOOM 3 comes with up to 20 hours of battery life and a “magic button” that allows you to play, pause, and skip songs with one touch. For Asiel, this comes in handy whether he’s using it for rehearsals or in his hotel room. “It just gives really good bass and it’s so small and compact it just fits in the bag and doesn’t take up a lot of space,” he says. 

Aqua Sound Water Resistant Blue Tooth Speaker

For a simpler and more affordable option that can fit easily in a small carry-on, China Taylor has just the thing. Working with stars like Beyonce and Lady Gaga can mean months on the road and she trusts the Aqua Sound speaker to give her the perfect sound whenever it’s downtime. “I’ve had this for about three years now and she’s stable,” China says. This functional speaker comes with a suction cup feature on the back so you can stick it onto the shower wall or any other surface.

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