Otrafy Founder Story


Our mission is to empower humans and drive business growth. Supplier risk management requires massive information collection and analysis. We take this burden off your shoulders, and place it on ours. Bring back your time to resolve issues a machine cannot.


It all started from an insight. To counter disruptions and minimize losses, effectively managing suppliers is a must. Closely monitoring and assessing supplier performance, Otrafy collects critical information to reveal their capabilities and potential risks. Analyzing supplier qualifications and third-party data, we quickly identify supplier risks, from geographic, and material, to regulatory and beyond to support your risk mitigation efforts. Sharing his vision, Nhat says: "Otrafy doesn't just digitize papers, we collect identifiable data. We know production practices, and quality issues, all are valuable information to tell manufacturers if the supplier is reliable to work with. And building a resilient supply chain is what we all care about."


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