Stay At Home Valentine's Day Ideas

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary celebrations. Booze doesn’t hurt, either. This year’s Valentine’s Day is no different. Old traditions like flowers, a fancy restaurant, and maybe a sparkly gift for your partner? Very 2021. Stay-at-home Valentine’s celebrations where the center of attention is you? Now we’re talking. We’ve consulted our experts for some ideas for a stay-at-home Valentine’s Day worthy of a brand new year.

Treat Yourself to a Home Spa Day

It was a tough 2021. You need a spa day. Correction: you deserve one. And you don’t need to actually go to a spa. Your home will work quite nicely. First thing’s first: wear something comfortable. We’re staying home. What’s the point of dressing up? This is your day, so take the opportunity to make yourself feel exactly as pretty or as handsome as you like. We won’t judge.

Now for your home spa treatment plan: our expert wellness coach, Andrea Abenoza-Filardi, is always on the lookout for all-natural ways to care for our skin. Check out her advice regarding Camellia Seed Oil, an ingredient that has a centuries-long history of giving its users better skin. Also, be sure to take a look at her list of supplements. They keep Andrea healthy on the outside and the inside. (Sorry, Andrea. TMI?).

How about a quick, all-natural facial you can give yourself? You don’t need a fancy spa to get results–just follow along while Monika Tarnowski’s DIY At-Home Facial and her Clay Mask How-To show you how to give your face the TLC it deserves. If you want to really get those pores exfoliated, you can swap in an Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask that Monika reviews and shows you how to use.