Florensi Meditation Cushion


Product Details

This meditation cushion set is the perfect yoga meditation cushion for yoga and meditation practitioners. Commonly known as a “zafu” or a round cushion, this zafu meditation cushion brings enough height and it is comfortable to sit on. The round meditation pillow allows the delicate curves of your spine to fall into place for extended periods of comfortable sitting. The extra-large meditation floor pillow is perfect for your daily yoga routine or as a travel meditation cushion.

Modeled after the traditional Japanese Zen meditation cushion, Florensi's meditation cushion design is inspired by the mandala lotus flower. The pattern of the flower represents connection, unity, compassion, and growth. Comes with a removable cover that is machine washable. Buckwheat hulls can be easily added or remove from their pouch inside the cushion to adjust pillow height 1” foam is added to provide extra comfort for extended yoga and meditation sessions.  

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