Vertica Handstand Platform


Product Details

  • The substantial black wood base will stay wherever you put it, but also has a useful handle cut out of it for carrying. (so does the box that this platform arrives in, meaning you can use it as a carrying case once it's arrived!)
  • The mounts that the handstand canes sit into are machined out of solid steel, and can be unscrewed and moved from side to side, allowing you to adjust the distance between these canes to fit your shoulders better. they can be adjusted from a maximum width of 35cm apart to a minimum of 31cm, which means a whole lot when it comes to injury prevention and the longevity of your handbalancing.
  • Made by Vertica Acrobatics in Finland, Firetoys is happy to offer this platform to a wider market.
  • The blocks themselves are 15cm x 10cm and are made of the same super durable plywood as the base, but 50mm thick.. The Top of the wooden blocks measures 75cm from the ground, or 72cm from the base of the platform.
  • These canes do not rotate.

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