Vogue Now InstaLift™ LED Skin Tightening Device


Product Details

  • WRINKLE FREE SKIN - Removes fine lines and wrinkles, improve forehead lines and sagging jowls, make facial muscles smoother and tighter. Skin looks a lot younger after a few usages.
  • SKIN TIGHTENING - Radio Frequency helps to improve the loose skin condition in a fast way, make you younger with smoother skin. You can feel the skin tightening after the first time use.
  • COLLAGEN & ELASTIN PRODUCTION - This newly produced collagen acts as a wrinkle filler and elastin helps to maintain skin’s natural elasticity. Thus making the skin smoother and good looking.
  • ELIMINATES VASCULARITY SKIN PROBLEMS - Helps to fight against various skin problems like redness, acne, spider veins or rosacea.  

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