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Using Experts to Help Shoppers Understand Multi-Use Products

Using Experts to Help Shoppers Understand Multi-Use Products

How Omnicharge teamed up with The Desire Company to communicate benefits and use cases of a multi-use, professional-grade product


Omnicharge wanted to communicate all the ways their product can be used and why it’s the best solution for professionals across various fields. They sought help from The Desire Company’s community of pros and experts to highlight the wide range of use cases and benefits

They knew it would be powerful for professionals, who believe in and use their products, to talk about how it successfully powers photographers, producers, DJs, working professionals on the go, adventurers, first responders, and more —  better than other solutions.


We love the flexibility that comes from working with The Desire Company and how they’re always bringing new ideas to the table.


We were able to increase customer acquisition across targeted demographics and decrease returns by helping customers better understand the product and how to use it effectively. 

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