ReAthlete Increases Transactions While Lowering CPA with The Desire Company

How The Desire Company Helps Brand Bring Transparency + Trust Back to Product Reviews


ReAthlete was seeking for a product video review from an accredited and trusted professional. Their goal was to improve sales transactions with authentic and educational content to help consumer make more informed purchase decisions.

They turned to The Desire Company community of experts to engage in a short-form product review that informs, educates and drives purchase intent.


  • We strategically paired ReAthlete with personal trainer, online fitness coach, and a former NFL Carolina Panther Bryan Jean-Pierre who already loved this brand. He reviewed their Deep Percussion Therapy Device as the “Tesla of percussion massagers on the market.” His video is featured on their product page here.

 The Desire Company is bringing trust and transparency back to consumers with authentic content from real, trusted experts. 



By partnering with The Desire Company, ReAthlete was able to reach consumer 3X’s more across social, their website, and e-commerce platforms because consumers trusted the authenticity content coming from a Pro. As a result, ReAthlete increased its transactions while lowering its cost per ad (CPA).

  • Utilizing a Desire Pro video generated a 31% increase in revenue compared to non-Desire Co. video content production.
  • The Desire Co. video helped ReAthlete’s customer acquisition costs go down by 39%. The cost per checkout with our video was $60 vs $99 with their other content.
  • Increased engagement to ReAthlete’s ‘add to cart’ CTA within their product page driving purchase intent up by 8%.
  • Generated almost 2X’s the ROAS compared to campaigns without the The Desire Company.
  • The Desire Company produced video drove 3X’s the number of page views versus their own brand-produced video.

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