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How-To Get the Most Out of Your How-To Videos

How-To Get the Most Out of Your How-To Videos

5 Best Practices From the Experts

As you scroll through any feed, they’re impossible to miss and so addicting to watch. Those quick, punchy videos that help you believe you can do anything — master a kitchen skill, discover a new tool, rock a new look, learn a simple life hack. These catchy videos can help retailers and brands get in front of new customers and make them the go-to place for advice and product recommendations. But before you think about adding how-to videos to your content strategy, take a look at our tips for making one that will draw viewers in and make them want to spread the word. 

  1. Select the products you want to feature.

Both simple and complex products can benefit from a how-to video. For example, something as simple as applying primer which professional make-up artist, Erica Bogart demonstrates with different products, based skin type. More complex products can have how-to videos broken into chapters like professional gamer, Tigarlily, explains how to use Streamlabs.

  1. Decide who should be the instructor. 

In a world where anyone can be an influencer, selecting the right professional who actually uses your products is key. Break through the clutter with an expert or well-known professional who will add credibility to your how-to videos. This is particularly important in saturated industries like health and wellness. For example, LeanRite features physical therapist, Dr. David Odom to demonstrate how it’s used. 

  1. Make it clear, quickly what the video is about.

Videos are watched more when people’s expectations are managed. That means you need to make it clear in the first few seconds what the video is about. We recommend a direct, to-camera shot saying “This is a how to of….”.  You can see an example of how professional makeup artist, Nancie Rooney introduces that she’s going to provide a how-to on foundation in her Foundation of Foundation video. 

  1. Provide simple, concise instructions.

Short sentences with an uncomplicated structure will help your audience follow along and will make it more likely they will watch until the end. For example, Matthew Ridgway, executive chef at Cooks & Soldiers explains how to properly cook an Impossible Burger. This is particularly important when working with more technical or involved products — it really helps people feel more comfortable using them. 

  1. Add different angles and close ups. 

The appeal of how-to videos is that they show, rather than just tell, the audience how something is done. Showing different angles, even slow motions, and lots of close ups is not only more visually entertaining, it’s a  great way to help your audience see the details of what you’re teaching them.  For example, using these techniques means your audience can really see how a work out band pulls or how paint is brushed onto a canvas using a thin brush, etc.

We hope this helped get you excited about having how-to videos for your products. For more inspiration, visit our complete library of how-to videos at:

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