Chain Drug Review: Sheinkop Details How The Desire Company Reduces Returns

The Desire Company founder sits down with CDR to tell the story behind his vision and why it’s come along at just the right time

CDR: What is the story behind The Desire Company?


I’ve always had a passion and calling to help artists and creators bring their art to the world at scale. And I’m not talking about the people center stage or in front of the camera — I’m talking about the professionals behind the musicians, the people behind the stars — I’ve always been driven to give them a platform to share their unique talents with the world. That’s what my previous business was built to do for emerging musicians and after selling my control of the company, I missed that calling and set out to do it again.

This time our focus is on experts from a variety of industries including makeup artists, hairstylists, nutritionists, personal trainers — and finding new ways and new platforms to shine a light on their expertise.

CDR: You mention experts — what’s the difference in experts versus influencers who have had a major impact on beauty sales?


You can buy influence, you can buy reach, but you can’t buy expertise…

Influencers can drive spikes in sales but are also leading to greater returns because consumers don’t necessarily know how to use the product, or it’s not the right product for their needs. They were influenced by someone who oftentimes hadn’t even used the product themselves.

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