Birkenstock Sandals Review

Transition from summer to fall with the perfect sandals. The Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle Teddy has all the features you love from classic Birkenstocks with added plush that keeps your feet cozy and comfortable. Stylist Katie Collins has been a Birkenstocks fan since she was a child and these latest additions to her wardrobe are a must-have. Watch her full review above to learn more about how you can incorporate these sandals into your closet.

Katie Collins is a Wardrobe Stylist who has found inspiration from decades of travel, to places that have shaped her vision of fashion, style, and culture. She studied Art, Post Modern Theory, and Photography at university in San Francisco where she collaborated with an artist collective and soon began styling runway shows and editorial shoots for magazines like VICE and Surface. Her passion for style also extends into costume design, where she has created content for TV, Film, and Commercial Advertising. 

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